Let’s talk about pets, fur babies, little devil’s, take your pick. So the cat featured at the top of this post (don’t judge my yellow bathroom, we are remodeling), is my Siamese cat named Gremlin. Little know fact about Siamese cats, they are picky little buttholes and can hold grudges for a long time. So Gremlin has imprinted, bonded, claimed me as his. He sits and scratches or cries outside any closed door that I’m behind. He won’t let me go to the bathroom without him. In many ways, he’s worse than my kids! He puts his butt in my face, makes me swell up (I’m allergic to cats, I know, I know….dont yell), and ruins my sheets with his claws. But, he’s always there when I need some comfort or when I’ve read/watched a little too scary of a book/show and need a companion when I finally go to bed. He’s great with my kids, with the other pets and has a big heart. He is mine and I am his and I wouldn’t have it any other way (well, maybe without the allergic reactions).

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