Ahhhhh……nature! What better way to rest your mind than being in nature? So this morning, I woke up about 3am. Why??? No idea! I laid in bed listening to “Gone Girl” on Audible until 5:45am. At that point, I decided to get up and do what my doctor told me (yet again) yesterday: get some exercise. So I got dressed and decided I’d like to take a walk. Now I don’t live in town, but I don’t live in the country. I live a 3 acre plot on a paved road. My neighbors to one side have sheep. Now being where I am, I would think my road isn’t busy and would be safe to walk on. NOPE!! It’s so busy, and people go 55+ even though it’s, not a very safe road. Because I don’t want to risk it (and up the road are some pretty shady houses), I decide to grab one of my dogs and head to town. The town where I live doesn’t boast walking trials or very much in the way of nature, but I’ve discovered a nice walking path that goes around the lake. So my dog and I head around. We saw squirrels, numerous birds, a crane, and a turtle. 😊 I’ve also learned what a red oak looks like! Yay! I’m debating about reaching out to some friends from work and suggesting they join. I’ll see how this goes for me, then reevaluate. So your goal today is find a way to enjoy nature!

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